All The King’s men

Our shop hosts a broad mix of talent, each with their own individual fields of specialty. Please follow the links to their Instagram pages to see their portfolios. If you have any questions regarding their work, or to set up an appointment, please see the contact section.


aLEX DELGADO: Owner/ Tattoo Artist

Proud owner of Kustom Kulture Tattoo and patriarch of the shop.  His tenure as a tattoo artist is invaluable, and he often brings a certain old school charm in his work as well as offering mentorship to all the artists.. His experience definitely shows in the ever changing styles he tackles, and he displays great aptitude in all disciplines of the industry. While working, he wears an often calm and collected demeanor, and his skills are definitely worthy of praise. When he isn’t tattooing, you can catch him painting another wonderful piece at his station. If you’re looking for a more traditional approach with a few hidden tricks, then Alex is definitely the one you’re looking for.


oswaldo “ozzy” lima: Owner / Tattoo ArtisT

The other half of the coin at Kustom Kulture. His work embodies a cultivation of effort and raw natural talent. Jokingly, he’s often teased for taking his time while tattooing but it’s that monk level patience which really makes his work stand out amongst his peers. Ozzy’s style is peculiar, as it encompasses many traditional aspects mixed with a fresh take on fine art, even dabbling with some new school contemporary, realism, color, and so much more. He lives by a strict code of “good vibes only” and his whimsical nature permeates throughout the entire shop. Ozzy enjoys living a fast life, full of travel, art, spiritualism, and a love for sports.

By appointment only: Please call Evelyn @ 818-664-6272


Ran “Costello” Shimoni: Tattoo artist / fashion designer

Israel’s finest export! Tattoo artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and all around powerhouse. Everything this guy does is always on point. From the tattoos he creates, to his own line of men’s swimwear. His style encapsulates new school, neo-traditional, realism, and rolls them all up into one fun and exciting ride. You can always catch him smiling, laughing, and having a genuine good time. If you’re looking for a fresh take on a tattoo, Costello is definitely the man to see about it. We’re extremely proud of him and his work, and can’t wait to see what he does next!



Nacho first got his start apprenticing at our shop, bringing his background of mural painting/street art, charcoal drawings, illustrative art, acrylic mediums, and even fashion design into his overall style of tattooing. His genuine love of neo-traditional and high contrast realism soon became his signature, he's often claimed "The weirder the idea the better I love to personalize my designs as much as possible to make each piece extra special" Seeing him flourish at our humble little shop allows us to proudly claim to have witnessed this first hand. Having drawn from such a colorful background of art, horror, music and film makes Nacho a formidable artist to contend with. We believe his adaptive talent and amazing personality will take him a long way in this industry. When asked what he plans on doing next he simply stated, "Clothing line is on its way"



Our youngest artist at the shop, but wise in years in aptitude. This guy tackles everything with such tenacity it's no mystery his skill is highly sought after. His talent not only encompasses tattoos, fine art, sign painting, but also a passion for skateboarding. Don’t let his age fool you, Artie is one hell of a tattoo artist, and with so many different styles he likes to dabble in, he quickly became extremely versatile and valuable to the shop . We’re honored and proud to have him part of our family. You can catch this young prodigy on the weekends cooking up a massive helping of inspiration.


GUEST Artists



Tattoo Artist, lighting designer, painter, etc, etc, etc! His body of work speaks for itself as it represents the intrinsic, often macabre style of art he's known for. Many of his pieces are done with such precision it could make a laser envious, and his patience is legendary when he's working. Colin mostly enjoys horror or dark themed type of art but is known to tackle other styles as well. He also owns a private workshop known as Fiction Tower Art Forms Studio in Los Angeles, where he’s always crafting something completely amazing.



An absolute gem of an artist. Consistent, determined, and has a solid foundation in fine line black and grey. His portraits are always on point and he definitely approaches his work from a new perspective. We at the shop consider Mark very concise and fluent, adapting to new challenges while making it look completely effortless. His knowledge extends far beyond the threshold of traditional and realism styles so he’s always looking forward to the next challenge. When he’s not out in Los Angeles, you can catch him at Reverent Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Leaving his home country of Brazil at an early age, Ricardo made his way over to the states to make his mark on the industry. Around our shop, he’s known as “Picasso” simply for the fact he’s extremely talented, but incredibly humble. His hard work and consistency is something we admire having at the shop, and we’re thankful everyday he took a giant step through our door and in turn our hearts. If you’re looking for versatility coupled with skillful mastery, Ricardo is your man. When he’s not being sought out by fellow tattoo artists to get work done by him, you can catch him tattooing in various locations around Los Angeles.


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